Mama Compass is a place for mothers to come together and share their experiences and journey through motherhood, in an effort to guide, inspire, connect, and learn from one another. In a world where where we are all so divided, I believe mothers are the key to bringing us together and healing the division. Motherhood is an experience that transcends all races, religions, countries, politics, and beliefs. Mothers are the emotional glue that holds a family together. Here at Mama Compass, we believe that all moms should have a voice and an opportunity to share their story.

Mama Compass brings together contributors from all walks of life to share their unique experiences and knowledge on subjects like family, kids, relationships, pregnancy, health, recipes, and anything else related to motherhood. Click here to become a contributor. No prior blogging experience needed.

In addition to bringing women together online, Mama Compass also hosts monthly Girls Night Out Events at different restaurants around town featuring local businesses that cater to women. Click here for our upcoming events!

About our founder:

LeAnn is a blessed Wife and forever tired Mom of 3, a tween 12 year old girl, a spunky little 8 year old girl, and a loud lovable 3 year old boy. She has lived all over the US but currently lives in Kentucky with her family. She has a passion for connecting and helping mothers to live healthy lives. LeAnn loves working out, football, the beach, and is addicted to caffeine and chocolate. You can read some of her contributions here.